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Hi! I'm Sophie: an author, wife, and mom on the hunt for real information about sex. Whereas is a series of data science-driven courses, The Sex With Sophie Podcast looks to collect the very subjective experiences of individuals from unique walks of sexual life. My hope is that by the time each discussion is concluded, you will feel that I've done you justice if you share a similar lifestyle as my guests', or that you have found some common ground with those who initially seemed very different from you.

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A Black Lesbian Couple

Black Lesbians


April 4, 2024


Phadonya and Angel help me put my finger on what makes lesbian sex so amazing. We also dig into the intersectionality of being Black, female, and gay.

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Smiling woman with glasses



June 1, 2024


Pamela educates me about the asexuality and aromantic spectrum and shares their experiences as an "ace" being living in a sex-fueled world: the city of Los Angeles.

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Man in pink jacket sipping tea

Drag Queen


June 21, 2024


Carmen Banks may be a consummate lady, but don't get it twisted. Arron McGill is all man. We talk about his drag, husband, dogs, sexuality, youth, and bravely, his AIDS diagnosis.

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Beautiful woman sitting on couch

Sex Work


July 5, 2024


The very sexy Lucy Risqué opens up about the realities and business side of sex work, particularly escorting, parties, stripping, and her specialty, burlesque.

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Smiling Man Sitting on Couch



July 19, 2024


I started with questions about whips and ball gags but wound up discovering that S&M is all about trust, communication, and finding your lover's focal points of pleasure.

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A Black man sitting on a couch

Sex at 70


August 2, 2024


Turning 70 hasn't slowed Lorenzo down one bit! We talk about the invisibility of aging, the little blue pill, and marrying young versus marrying well.

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Future Episodes

We have many episodes in production that you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for, including:

Gay Brits

Sex After Loss

Retired Lesbians

Sex In / After Prison

Porn Addiction

Interracial Sex


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