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is the sophie of sex with sophie?

Hi! I’m Sophie, Social Data Scientist and your host here at Sex With Sophie. Despite my best attempts, I found it very difficult to find real information about sex beyond porn, and we all know that is not the most accurate reflection of what goes on in real life.


That’s why I decided to put my Master's Degree in Healthcare Informatics, as well as my graduate certifications in Cognitive Neuroscience and Information Technology, to work to build resources that use real-world data to uncover the truth about what happens in our collective bedrooms.

I’m also a wife and mother to a kindergartener, our rainbow baby, and three rescues. I have many reasons for wanting to bring inclusive, empirical, and wholesome sex ed to life. CLICK HERE to see 30 of them! My primary aim, though, is to ensure that my girls grow up without having any of the devastating experiences I had to endure due to a gross lack of information about consent, orientation, purity, femininity, and masculinity.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of sexual truth and discovery, and for helping me make this world a better place for the next generation.


is sex with sophie?

Sex With Sophie is a collection of resources that provide authentic information and community around sex.

Because Porn Isn't Real Life!

At Sex With Sophie, we believe that the best way to learn about women is from women, about trans men from trans men, about snozberries from snozberries… What we're proposing is that we learn about the acts and facets of sex and sexuality from real people. Not movies, not textbooks, and certainly not pornography.

Imagine having resources at your fingertips 😉 to correct the misinformation, agendas, and often, outright lies that we've all been led to believe about ourselves, each other, and our biological functions. That's exactly what you will find here: curated tools and information built with input from actual human beings just like you.

Yes, it's called Sex With Sophie, but it's not about Sophie at all. It's about you! Although her expertise is in data science, analytics, and informatics, she is approaching this work as a layperson in order to suss out the truth about real people's sex lives. So, think of her as a kindly guide walking beside you as we discover the real state of sex today. CLICK HERE to read more about our intrepid founder and host.


will the resources be available?

Sex With Sophie is currently in its "Soft Launch" phase. We are actively working to expand our collection of resources and grow memberships to a point at which the data we collect is statistically significant.


Sex With Sophie was officially registered as an LLC in North Carolina on June 27, 2023

Planning Phase

As of March 1, 2024, Sex With Sophie opened for members and is now in its growth phase.

CURRENT - Soft Launch
Image by Ian MacDonald

Once we reach a certain level of membership and when all resources are live, we'll launch!

Full Scale Launch

There are three ways to join Sex With Sophie: as a Free, Paid, or Clinician Level Member. Here are all of the resources that are accessible to you at each level, as well as their current availability and status.


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Meet folks from different walks of sexual life

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Your anonymous answers grow our knowledge


Engage with all members anonymously

Group Bonding

Discover like minds in exclusive safe spaces

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Submit burning sex questions for a video reply

Therapy Closeup

Clinicians Database

Find the right sex therapist or pro for you


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Sex Ed With Sophie Podcast

Learn from professionals in sex-related fields



Red Carpet Event

See post-show thoughts, bloopers, and more


Audio mood imaginings to guide self-love


VIP Retail Discount

Reduced price products, games, and software


Working on a Laptop_edited.png

Covering six foundational facets of sexuality

Retro Television Set_edited.jpg

Documentary-style videos on special topics



A private focus group For Clinicians Only

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Share your knowledge, establish you're a pro

Group Bonding

Create your own private member spaces

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Post articles and research to boost your SEO

Sophie-edit-MPJ-Photohraphy-Maxwell-Max-Pierre-Jr copy_edited_edited.jpg

You will be privy to my personal contact info

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Sex Ed Podcast Feature

Secure a mention or even be my next guest


Therapy Closeup

Clinicians Database Listing

Get directly in front of potential clients


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Priority Dashboard Access

See the aggregated data on real sex first



Sex With Sophie, LLC is an American company that is registered in North Carolina, but Sophie splits her time between living in the US and the UK. At present, we have members in the following countries:

is sex with sophie?

world map of members


do we need sex with sophie?

The 30 Reasons Telethon was held on June 15, 2024 in support of Sex With Sophie's campaign to bring Wholesome Adult Sex Education Courses to the world. Viewers tuned in for a fun program that featured Sophie's wild stories, co-host Meesh's commentary, and music from Mad P, Sophie's rapping alter ego. The telethon is over, but you can still support by joining Sex With Sophie on a FREE membership plan and upgrading if any of Sophie's 30 reasons resonate with you:

Each of Sophie's reasons corresponds to one of six courses she is on a mission to build. CLICK HERE to learn more about the lessons, and CLICK HERE to visit the Course Discourse category of The Forum to share your thoughts on a specific one.

My 30 Reasons Why

(with timestamps)

​​Reason 30 (00:56) - All about parental guidance and learning about sex from my Dad's porn collection.
​​Reason 29 (05:03) - Ace/Aro Exclusion. Why are these orientations not known about more ubiquitously???
Reason 28 (​​08:46) - My mom found out I was no longer a virgin, thanks to an HPV false alarm.
Reason 27 (​​11:26) - I have PCOS, like almost 20% of all women. Why is there no real info or treatment options?
Reason 26 (​​14:52) - There's no real information about how to go about lesbian sex.
Reason 25 (​​17:23) - I was completely ignorant about FTM Trans issues.
​​Reason 24 (​​28:18) - Basic things, like shaving your legs, are gender affirming care.
Reason 23 (​​32:14) - A boy told me that I wouldn't get pregnant if I didn't cum.
Reason 22 (​​34:57) - My Mom had me checked to see if my hymen was still intact.
Reason 21 (​​38:35) - My first time having sex, my boyfriend asked if I was really a virgin.
Reason 20 (​​41:03) - The G Spot. Enough Said.
Reason 19 (​​43:03) - As your body changes, your sex life may need to adjust.
Reason 18 (​​45:56) - Little girls aren't allowed to explore their sexuality in the same way little boys are.
Reason 17 (​​48:52) - My husband was diagnosed with a varicocele.
Reason 16 (​​50:31) - I learned about periods from "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret."
Reason 15 (​​53:52) - A smaller endowed gentlemen rocked my socks. Size does NOT matter!
​​Reason 14 (55:29) - My Sex at 70 podcast episode enlightened me about men with ED.
Reason 13 (​​56:52) - My misconceptions around ass-play.
Reason 12 (​​01:01:43) - Lesbians know wayyyy more about foreplay than the rest of us.
​​Reason 11 (01:03:51) - When I first learned to masturbate, I felt incredibly ashamed after.
Reason 10 (​​01:06:44) - I used to have horrible folliculitis.
Reason 09 (​​​​01:09:21) - My male friend was raped and not taken seriously at all.
Reason 08 (​​​​01:13:31) - I, too, was raped and didn't accept it due to a lack of knowledge.
Reason 07 (​​​​01:17:05) - Kink and BDSM are more about communication and trust than how it's presently portrayed.
Reason 06 (​​​​01:20:34) - A man I was with removed the condom halfway through.
Reason 05 (​​​​01:22:36) - The. Rabbit. Ain't. SHIT! It took me far too long to find good sex toys.
Reason 04 (​​​​01:24:42) - Is it possible to get eaten out too much?
Reason 03 (​​​​01:26:43) - I dated a man with an insane porn addiction.
Reasons 02 + 01 (​​01:30:19) - Everything I do is so my two girls don't grow up feeling 'less than' like I did.

This was a fun, but wildly profound event to raise funds for a great cause, 'because porn isn't real life.' If we don't build this new way forward together, though, pornography may continue to be just about all we have for information about the birds & the bees. Join Sex With Sophie as a FREE member, and upgrade to a paid plan if any of my reasons resonate with you.

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