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Access all of the Members Only features here. Not a member?

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Gain exclusive access to my final thoughts, targeted takeaways, and special behind-the-scenes content.

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We will periodically release new questionnaires to get your thoughts on various aspects of sexual life.

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Let Meesh's soothing voice walk you through an affirming self-love session from start to beautiful finish.

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The place to go to weigh in on the latest podcast, course, or Sex With Sophie Show episode.

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Discover like minds who share aspects of your identity or join specialty groups to learn and teach others about your differences.

A video advice column where you can submit your burning sex questions (or questions about burning sex) for Sophie to research.

The Sex With Sophie community center, where you can engage with other members about absolutely anything anonymously.

Group Bonding

Community Tools

Sex with Sophie Merch

Coming Soon

The final form of Sex With Sophie will include six fundamental courses about sex and sexuality, as well as a supplemental video series. Your membership goes a long way toward funding these initiatives and providing me with the data to build them out based on what actually happens in our collective bedrooms.

Working on a Laptop

Learn the basics of sex, from the inside out, based on data collected from actual people and couples.

Retro Television Set

The Sex With Sophie Show is a documentary-style series that covers more depth than the courses alone.


Explore my broader vision for the Sex With Sophie bundle, and even more expansive Sophieverse!

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