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The final form of Sex With Sophie will include six fundamental courses about sex and sexuality, as well as a supplemental video series. Your membership goes a long way toward funding these initiatives and providing me with the data to build them out based on what actually happens in our collective bedrooms.

The Courses

The heart of Sex With Sophie will be a foundation of six interactive lessons based on the quizzes and data that I gather from my members. I'll use science and analytics to teach adults about the true state of sexuality today. The courses start with internal mindsets and holistic whole-body lessons before moving into partner work.

The Sexual Mind

Female Matters

About a Boy




  • Guilt and Mental Preparation

  • Orientation Station

  • Consent & Communication

  • Female Anatomy & Physiology

  • Periods & Woman Problems

  • All About Pregnancy and STDs

  • Male Anatomy & Physiology

  • The Aging Penis: Puberty to ED

  • Health and Safety

The Masturbatorium

Moral Oral

Intercourse Discourse




  • Female Masturbation

  • Male Masturbation

  • Intro to Solo Sex Toys

  • The Fellatio Ratio

  • Cunning Linguists

  • Eating Ass: Trends & Truths

  • Foreplay and Readiness

  • Positional Analysis

  • Getting to the Big "O"

Knowledge Based on Science

The backbone of Sex With Sophie is data. To ensure that the information that we collect is anonymous, accredited, and accurate, we've established a Sex Data Science wing under our sister company, the Data  Science.

SexDataScience Logo
Sex Data Science Logo

Whenever you see this icon:

You can rest assured that your information is safely stored in our data vault and that any reports, analytics, or findings are presented with the utmost fidelity and privacy.

Sex Data Science Logo

The Show

In production now, The Sex With Sophie Show is a documentary-style series that covers special topics in more depth than the courses alone. Here are some of the shows we're working on for members only!

Sex Toy Review

Plus-Sized Sex

Guide to Anal Sex

Fetishes and BDSM

Senior Sex

Sex Work Primer

Trans and Intersex

Sex While Pregnant

Size Matters

Sex with Sophie Merch
Sex with Sophie Logo
Sex with Sophie Merch

Enter the Sophieverse

About Sophie

Hi! I’m Sophie, an author, wife, and mom on the hunt for real information about sex. The one throughline across my incredibly varied working life in real estate, marketing, and science-fiction writing is data science. My superpower is asking the right questions, deciphering analytics, and performing stellar research. Thank you for joining me on this collective journey of sexual truth and discovery.



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