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Guided Masturbations

You've heard of Guided Meditations? Well, these are Guided Masturbations!



  • Guidance

  • Mood Setting

  • Affirming

  • Erotica

  • Pornography

  • Judgemental

Each Guided Masturbation is titled by the particular mood it is helping you establish. Unlike guided meditation, these programs are intended to gently move you from a calm state to an energized climax before talking you back down to a place of peace. Unless otherwise specified, each mood is intended to invoke a relaxing session in this virtual safe space.

Guided Masturbations are for paying members only.

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Narrated by

Do you ever feel worse after an orgasm than before you started? Does it feel like you're being observed or judged? If so, this is the perfect Guided Masturbation for you, with loving, uplifting, and positive messages throughout.

Image by Maria Vlasova


under construction

This mood's

If you have to make all of the decisions in your world all of the time, relinquish control to the narrator for just a little while and do as you're told for once. This Guided Masturbation features the most explicit prompts yet. Strap in (or on)!



under construction

This mood's

Masturbation, and sex as a whole, can oftentimes feel quite undignified. But, in my opinion, that's what makes it so fun! This mood highlights the mirth of self-love with jovial affirmations and lighthearted imaginings to leave you smiling.

Let me know which mood we should produce next:

Loved - sweet, doting, and passionate
Respected - reverent, submissive, and coy
Indifference - going about our business
Guilty - oh no, you're going to get caught
Belittled - feel beautifully humiliated

If you have an idea for a mood, contact me today. Click below to be notified about future moods.

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