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The Sex With Sophie Podcast

Black Lesbians


Phadonya and Angel help me put my finger on what makes lesbian sex so amazing. We also dig into the intersectionality of being Black, female, and gay.

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Guest Bio

Phadonya & Angel

Black Lesbians

Hailing from North Carolina, both Phadonya and Angel have known each other most of their lives, but began dating five years ago. As creatives, both have turned their passions into careers. Phadonya is a nail technician and Angel, a photographer. The couple live together in Charlotte.

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Exclusive Podcast Content


Exclusive Content

Sophie Says

Hear Sophie's final thoughts on this episode, such as points she missed at the time and updated reflections post-recording.


Episode Outtakes

Watch behind-the-scenes footage that was left on the cutting room floor, often revealing a little more about Sophie, J, or the guests!


J's Takeaways

Sex With Sophie Producer J. Conroy offers his thoughts and insights on the episode from his perspective as a straight, white, cis-male.

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