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The 30 Reasons Telethon

A good old-fashioned telethon to promote my Kickstarter for Wholesome Adult Sex Education Courses

The 30 Reasons Telethon
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Hosted by me! Sophie

The 30 Reasons Telethon

June 15 @ 7pm UK / 2pm EST

Here or on my Kickstarter page





Join me right here LIVE on Saturday, June 15 at 7pm UK/2pm EST for The Reasons Telethon in support of my Kickstarter! I'll be running down the 30 reasons why I want to bring crowdsourced, empirical, data science-driven, Wholesome Adult Sex Education Courses to the world. These include things like having my hymen checked as a teen, being told I wouldn't get pregnant as long as I didn't cum, and having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with no treatment options. If there were better, more factual, communication around virginity, pregnancy, women's issues, and sex in general, I wouldn't have so many crazy stories to tell. But, since I do, you get to hear them.

Drop in throughout the 90-minute program to have a laugh (or cry), listen to the vocal stylings of my alter ego Madelyne Pryor, and hear from Sex With Sophie members about the reasons why they support this effort. Every person who makes any level pledge during the Telethon will receive an extra special gift from me, in addition to the rewards available at various pledge tiers. So as an official STD from me to you, Save This Date: Saturday, June 15 at 7pm UK/2pm EST and tune in for a fun program to raise funds for a great cause. 'Because porn isn't real life,' and if we don't build this new way forward together, that will continue to be just about all we have.

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