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Knowledge Based on Science

The backbone of ALL 'With Sophie' programs is data. To ensure that the information that we collect is anonymous, accredited, and accurate, we've established the Data Science Group to guarantee fidelity across all Sophie platforms.


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The Sex With Sophie Bundle

This special collection of programs is intended to help people of all ages and orientations learn about the fundamentals of sex with a science-based approach.


Sex With Sophie

This is our foundational program filled with incredible, data-centered courses on the basics of sex. This also includes The Sex With Sophie Show, a documentary series highlighting a diversity of people and activities covering various special sexual topics.


Sex Ed With Sophie

This age-appropriate library of videos allows parents to provide their kids with the sex education we all wish we had growing up. The repository is designed for adults to select the precise, science-based content for their pre-teens and teens to engage with.


Better Sex With Sophie

These MasterClass-styled video courses will be led by experts on their respective topics. From multiple orgasms to edging to deepthroating, Better Sex With Sophie will give you even more tools and guidance to become a proven advanced lover.

In Production

Available Late 2024

Supplemental Programs

Sex With Sophie Podcast

Each episode, Sophie interviews folks from a different sexual walk of life.

Sex Ed With Sophie Podcast

Sophie interviews an expert working in a sex-related field every episode.

Better Sex App

Helps you and your partner track and improve your sexual encounters.

Enter the Sophieverse

Purchase a lifetime membership for the Sex With Sophie Bundle PLUS any and all forthcoming fun and data-driven Sophie courses. This offer is only available during my Early Bird registration period.

1 - Grow With Sophie

Each of these programs will take you one step closer to creating the family of your dreams! Starting by using science to find the perfect partner for you.

Image by Giorgio Trovato
Image by Garrett Jackson
Couple with their Baby

Dating With Sophie

We'll use a revolutionary data-based profiling method to match you with potential partners. Sex With Sophie member? Even better!

Baby With Sophie

However you're looking to grow your family: naturally, medically, or via fostering or adoption, let us help you navigate each step of the way.

Raise With Sophie

We continue our education to get better jobs, now you can continue your education to become a better, more peaceful parent using science.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Supplemental Programs

Dating With Sophie App

Find a partner who aligns with your wants and needs, based on science.

The Baby Directory

A resource center to find the best doctor or agency to grow your family.

Raise With Sophie Podcast

Each episode will answer a parent-submitted question with expert advice.

2 - Healthy With Sophie

Fall in love with your body and your life by understanding the ins and outs of their processes and needs with these data science-driven programs.

Image by Vladislav Muslakov

Sleep With Sophie

Sophie uses data science to help you understand your sleep and energy needs, customizing a personalized sleep plan just for you.

Image by i yunmai

Weight With Sophie

Join Sophie on her weight loss journey using science as her guide. Whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain, you'll be provided with powerful tools.

Image by Ruben Ortega

Die With Sophie

Let's reverse-engineer how you're most likely to kick the bucket, and then set a data-driven plan in place to add literal years to your life.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Supplemental Programs

Sleep With Sophie App

Use data science to track and optimize your sleep and energy needs.

Weight With Sophie App

Monitor your weight and fitness goals with science-based guidance.

Immortality Index

Resources to mitigate the major potentialities that lead to death.

3 - Fun With Sophie

Each of these programs will empirically document and vet the many ways in which we choose to have fun as human beings so you can try something new with anecdotal data.

Image by eleonora

Hobbies With Sophie

Interested in learning a new hobby, but not sure where to start? Sophie will do the work for you as a fellow layperson so you can decide for yourself!

Image by Andrey Metelev

Game With Sophie

As someone who loves gaming, but isn't very good, Sophie will try new board and video games to let you know how easy they are for newbies.

Image by Mishal Ibrahim

Drugs With Sophie

Sophie and her friends will try every narcotic (short of hard drugs) in controlled settings so you can make informed decisions about their use.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Supplemental Programs

Hobbies With Sophie App

Find local activities and groups to learn, grow, and have fun together.

Sophie Twitch Stream

Follow along as Sophie plays various games. Give advice, join, or just laugh!

Drugs With Sophie Podcast

Sophie and co. will take drugs and provide commentary on various films.

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