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'Wholesome Adult Sex Education Courses' Kickstarter Launches

Updated: Jul 12

Sex With Sophie seeks funding for data science-driven sex ed, ‘because porn isn’t real life’

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CHARLOTTE, NC - May 23, 2024 - Adult Lifestyle Education company, With Sophie, LLC, is excited to announce the launch of a new campaign for "Wholesome Adult Sex Education Courses." The campaign seeks to raise $24,000 to develop interactive, data-driven courses that provide adults with foundational lessons in real-world sex education. Once funded, the six planned courses will be operated on their flagship platform, Sex With Sophie ( 

Growing up in a religious and sheltered household in North Carolina, With Sophie, LLC CEO Sophie Partlow faced significant challenges in accessing accurate and supportive sex education. "I was told that I was fast, boy-crazy, and flat out 'bad' for having the very natural biological urges that tend to present themselves at puberty," Partlow shares. "Even today, as a 41-year-old woman, I really don't have much to go on to update or correct these teachings."

Recognizing that resources like school sex education, friends, media, and especially pornography fail to provide a complete and accurate picture, Sophie launched "Sex With Sophie" to build a better way from the ground up. At present, Sex With Sophie offers a podcast, a video advice column, quizzes, community features, and new Guided Masturbations™. The Kickstarter funds will be used to further develop and expand these resources into a comprehensive adult sex education system.


Once funded, the monies will be used to develop the following features on Sex With Sophie:

Phase 1 - Quizzes

Although there are several questionnaires already available on, many more will be developed to amass the data necessary to build the courses based on what actually happens behind closed doors. There are two primary types of quizzes: profile and course-related. The two quiz types will act in concert to give members a personalized and customizable experience when interacting with the courses and dashboards.

Phase 2 - Dashboards

Interactive dashboards will be created that display quiz data, providing members with insights and inspiration based on shared demographics and experiences. The Kickstarter funds will facilitate Partlow’s deployment of robust data visualization tools so that members can see live and filterable panels showcasing the collective data of each quiz they take.

Phase 3 - Courses

Six foundational and interactive courses will be developed with content informed by data from quiz responses, analysis of prevailing research, and empirical accounts from the Sex With Sophie Forums and Focus Groups. The coursework begins with internal mindsets and holistic lessons before progressing to partner work. The courses will be presented as follows:

  1. The Sexual Mind - Orientation, Mental Preparation, Consent, and Communication

  2. Female Matters - Anatomy & Physiology, Menstruation, Women’s Issues, Pregnancy

  3. About a Boy - Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Safety, Aging: From Puberty to ED

  4. The Masturbatorium - Male and Female Masturbation, Introduction to Solo Sex Toys

  5. Moral Oral - Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Trends and Truths, Hygiene and Sanitation

  6. Intercourse Discourse - Foreplay and Readiness, Positions, Achieving Orgasm

Partlow understands that Sex With Sophie will need to fill in the copious blanks that will still exist after completion of the courses. That is why her next project will be the production of The Sex With Sophie Show, a documentary-style video series that will cover special topics the courses don't encompass, such as trans and intersex, fetishes and BDSM, and sex as a senior.

The campaign officially launches at 12pm EST on Friday, May 24, 2024, and will be open for pledges through midnight on June 30. Pledges are welcome at all levels with scaled rewards for higher donations, including Sex With Sophie membership, personalized thank you messages, Sex With Sophie branded swag, and access to the courses upon completion. Kickstarter practices all-or-nothing funding, meaning that if the $24,000 goal is not met, the project will not receive any monies.

For more information, to share this campaign, or to make a pledge, visit

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